Crystal Chakra Rebalancing

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Crystal Chakra Balancing

Duration 1:15 hrs £45.00

(Mind body and spirit)

Large correlating crystals are place along the bodies energy centers, whilst you are receive both hands on healing which targets the body’s chakras and corresponding guided meditation.  The meditation will take your mind on a wonderful peaceful journey so that you can discard your stress and worries and hopefully be able to approach them with a cleared more refreshed view point. The crystal healing is designed to rebalance the body’s energy centres and strengthen your body’s auric field.

During the treatment you will be asked to lay down on a heated treatment couch, in a private, comforting setting.  There will be gentle music playing in the background and light incense or essential oil burning to fragrance the air.  Three chimes will mark the start of the session, you will then be taken on a guided meditation whilst large crystals are placed along the body's energy centers. Each energy center will be spun open and tuned with the next so on.

You can expect to feel, cleansed, refreshed and rejuvenated.